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Ⅰ 公司规章制度翻译

1st, this requisition application black or the blue black fountain pen, signature pen filling in, the handwriting should be clear.
2nd, above document has not indicated the submission original part, may submit the , but needs the applicant to stamp or the signature.
3rd, the above submits the document like is a foreign language, must submit Chinese translation, and caps the translation unit official seal.
4th, the 2nd item of applicant should from receive in authorized certificate date of 90th to go through the registration registration formalities to the registration institution; But by the Chinese and foreign cooperation, the foreign joint capital, the foreign sole ownership form sets up the company, the applicant should from receive in authorized certificate date of 30th to go through the registration registration formalities to the registration institution; Collects limited liability company public release stock which the way sets up, but also should submit the State Council negotiable securities management by supervision organization to approve the document original part or the effective .
5th, the 3rd item of articles of incorporation must invest the all quarters legal representative or it are authorized the original part which the human signs, stamps, the investor for the natural person by myself sign.The submission articles of incorporation should authorize consistently with the examination and approval department.
6th, the 4th item "Name Prior approval Written notice" should in the term of validity, also the content with plans the related item which sets up the company to apply to tally.
7th, the 5th item of Chinese government investor should submit by this unit caps the official seal the business license/institution legal person certificate of registry/social group legal person registration certificate/managed by the people non-enterprise unit certificate to take the main body qualifications proof; Foreign investor's main body qualifications proved or the identification should pass through its our country controlling organization notarization evacuation our country to cause in this country (to lead) the hall authentication.If our country and our country do not have the foreign relations, then must pass through with our country has the foreign relations third country to cause in this country (to lead) the hall authentication, again causes by our country in this third country (to lead) the hall authentication.Certain national sea relatives on mother's side writing up clerk, should in be supposed to be first completed the notarization, then passes through this country diplomacy organization authentication, finally causes by our country in this country (to lead) the hall authentication.Hong Kong, Aomen and the Taiwan area investor's main body qualifications proved either the identification must defer to the special stipulation or the agreement legally provides the local notarization organization the notarization document.
8th, 6th item of, the 7th item of legal representative, the trustee, the supervisor and manager's proction should conform to the articles of incorporation stipulation.
9th, 8th, 9 items are only suitable for the limited liability company and financial, the negotiable securities, the insurance class company and the fund management company and so on when establishment
Must disposable pay the limited company legally which invests completely, as well as sets up when pays completely or the part registered capital other type limited company.
10th, the 10th innate real estate submission property right card , and submits the original part checkup; Rents the house submission to rent the agreement original part and the hiring side property right card , the above cannot provide the property right card , the submission can prove the property right ownership other house property right use proof .Hiring side for guesthouse, hotel, but also should submit the guesthouse, the hotel business license .
11th, the 11th item is only suitable in collects the limited liability company which the way sets up.
Perhaps 12th, the 12th item refers to the related pretage permission the authorized document or the permission certificate may prove that, is suitable has the law, the administrative rules and regulations and the State Council in the management scope decides the stipulation to have in the registration previous report by the authorized project foreign investment company.
13th, the 13th item “the legal document delivery certificate of delegated authority” (is authorized human) by the foreign investor to accept the human with the within the boundaries legal document delivery (to be authorized human) to sign.This warrant must be clear about within the boundaries the authorization to be authorized the human to replace accepts the legal document delivery, and stipulated is authorized the human address, the contact method.The company which is authorized the human to be possible to be which the foreign investor sets up the branch office, plans to set up (company which is authorized artificially plans to set up, after company sets up entrusts activation) or within the boundaries of other the unit concerned or indivial.


Ⅱ 违反规章制度的翻译,怎么用英语翻译违章,违反规章

violate the rules and regulations
be in violation of the rules and regulations
This practice was in violation of the related rules and regulations.

Ⅲ 简单的汉译英 翻译规章制度(初一): 1:我们不能在墙上乱写乱画. 2:我们不能在上课吃喝东西.

unusedname 写得挺好的
We cannot write or draw on the wall randomly.
We cannot eat in the class randomly.

Ⅳ 遵守公共场所规章制度用英语怎么说


Abide by public place rules and regulations

Ⅳ 图书馆的规章制度用英语翻译

Please be quite or please not to speak loudly.
Please bring your book back on time.
Please put your book back in its place when you leave.


Ⅵ 急求规章制度翻译,中翻日,谢谢!













Ⅶ 翻译 制定规章制度

make rules

Ⅷ 公司规章制度 英文怎么说!常用的谢谢

Company's Rules and Regulations
<br>或者Rules and Regulations of the company

问题补充:Company 后面好像是P打头版的
你说的权是 Company Policy

Ⅸ 我们学校有太多规章制度翻译

There are too many rules and regulations in our school

There are too many rules and regulations in our school

Ⅹ 学校规章制度 英语怎么翻译

学校规章制度The school rules and regulations

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